Vet World (Pvt) Ltd
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Importers,Manufacturers & Distributors of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Mineral Mixtures, Feed Ingredients, Pet Care Products, Surgical Instruments, Farm Equipment for Livestock and Poultry, Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware & Consumables.

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To ensure a new dimension to the livestock industry of Sri Lanka through innovation,
dedication and commitment in providing high quality products and efficient services to all those engaged in this sector.


Maintaining a very high standard in the manufacture and supply of quality mineral mixture to dairy and other Agricultural animals,
Veterinary pharmaceuticals and applications to companion animals, importing feed ingredients, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals, Veterinary Diagnostic Kits, Veterinary Surgical instruments , implements, machinery, other equipment, chemicals and consumables
from Internationally reputed companies for use in the Research Laboratories as well as in the University Laboratories , maintaining an efficient and uninterrupted after sale service, conducting training classes to livestock farmers, farmer organizations and service providers.

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